October 23, 2017

Criminal Law

Lawguru India is a criminal law firm in Chandigarh that specialises in criminal law services and representing clients in criminal law cases in various courts in Chandigarh , Delhi , Panchkula , Mohali , India

If you’re looking for good Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh who have ample experience of handling Criminal Law Cases then you might consider being represented by an experienced Criminal Lawyer in Punjab and Haryana  High Court or Supreme Court through our Criminal Law Firm, which is renowned for quality Criminal Law Services and widely respected for the results that we deliver.

Our Criminal Litigation Firm in Chandigarh works closely with all clients and help them take decisions that are nothing short of Best.

We regularly advice and represent clients in a wide variety of criminal cases in different  courts and we suggest, what’s best. Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh  High Court from our firm are devout practicioners of Criminal Litigation and for them, quality advice and emphatic representation in the courts of law are the key focus areas.

Our Criminal Law Firm regularly represents clients in various Courts in Chandigarh including the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, High Court of Punjab and haryana at Chandigarh, District and Sessions Courts, Chandigarh , Panchkula .

Finding a good criminal lawyer in Chandigarh can be challening as there are thousands of criminal lawyers in Chandigarh . What you need is a team of criminal advocates who are equipped with the old and latest criminal law judgments and are also adept at latest technology to assist them in delivering better and faster services. 

Our highly experienced team of Criminal Lawyers has built quite a reputation for themselves through years of criminal law practice in various courts of Chandigarh . Our criminal lawyers in Punjab and Haryana High Court are trained to anticipate and prepare to counter the unexpected possibilities and safeguard our clients’ interest.


The firm practices in the following areas:
  • Corporate Frauds,;
  • White Collar Crimes / Economic Offences;
  • Department of Company Affairs – Serious Frauds Investigation office;
  • Bank / Financial Institutions Frauds;
  • Misappropriation and Siphoning of Funds;
  • Dishonor of Cheques;
  • Criminal Complaints;
  • Criminal Writs / Revisions / Appeals;
  • Defamation Cases;
  • Prevention of Money Laundering Act;
  • Prevention of Corruption Act;
  • Violation of Intellectual Property Rights / Cyber Laws;
  • Narcotics and Drugs Violation.
  • Domestic Violence matters including cases under section 498A of IPC
  • Suspension of Sentence under section 389


Some of the Criminal Cases are mentioned below .


  • Section 302 Murder
  • Section 304 Culpable homicide not amounting to murder
  • Section 304-A causing death by rash and negligent driving
  • Section 304-B Dowry death
  • Section 306 abbetment to commit suicide
  • Section 307 Attempt to murder.
  • Section 308
  • Section 309 attempt to commit suicide.
  • Section 323 A person causes hurt voluntarily.
  • Section 324 A person causes hurt voluntarily by dangerous weapons or means.
  • Section 325 A person causes grievous hurt voluntarily.
  • Section 326 A person causes grievous hurt voluntarily by dangerous weapons or dangerous means.
  • Section 363 Kidnapping.
  • Section 376 Rape.
  • Section 447 Criminal trespass.
  • Section 465 Forgery
  • Section 406 Criminal breach of trust.
  • Section 417 Cheating


Criminal lawyers also handle the following cases

  • Acid attacks
  • Child marriage
  • Domestic violence
  • Equal employment opportunities for women and labour rights.
  • Honour based crimes against women/ ‘honour killings’
  • Matrimonial disputes, custody, divorce
  • Rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace and in educational institutions
  • Women’s property and inheritance rights
  • Any other gender based discrimination/exploitation
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