September 24, 2017

Service Matters Lawyers in Chandigarh

Often in a work environment, misunderstandings happen and disputes arise between employees or workmen and employers, at times these disputes intensify to such an extent that legal proceedings are instituted by one party against the other party. We assist you in getting through these legal proceedings successfully and in a time and cost effective manner. Our lawyers are not only well versed in labour laws but also have enormous experience in dealing with such disputes both at the High Court level as well the Supreme Court.

Our aim while dealing with service matters is to assure that the employers be it Government or private or big business corporations comply with the laws in force for the protection of rights of employees. In case of any transgressions with respect to such rights, our lawyers adopt a multifaceted approach that encompasses grievances and issues related to emotional, financial as well as the professional hassles faced under the circumstances.

Our main focus is on defying any kinds of employee harassment at work place, illegal or wrong dismissal, removal from employment, etc. With the assistance of a wide array of statutory laws, rules and judgments that have emerged over time to tackle such injustice. Any action against employees with respect to his employment must be done according to the Principles of Natural Justice i.e. there must be an impartial inquiry and also an opportunity of being heard must be afforded to the employee.

We empathize with the situation of such employees whose services are terminated illegally or wrongfully or who are harassed at work place in any way or whose rights have been walked upon, and thus we do our best to help our clients exercise their legal rights to claim damages, loss of benefits and reinstatement or punitive damages, if any.

We deal with a multiplicity of disputes including employment Contracts- Adhoc as well as other employment; human rights in service matter cases; judicial review of Administrative Action; Labour Court Cases; Industrial Disputes cases; Pay Scale disparity; Promotion matters; Sexual Harassment and Discrimination in service – lodging of Police complaints and FIRs; Workers Compensation; Unlawful suspension, removal and dismissal, etc.

Most of these disputes that are against Government authorities or Departments are tackled by filing a Civil Writ Petition (CWP) in the High Court under Article 226 of the Constitution of India. There are different types of writs for different service matters, like the writ of certiorari is filed in case of an unlawful termination or removal from service; writ of mandamus is filed to urge the authorities to pay the salary or pension of an employee; writ of prohibition is filed to restrain the authority from terminating the services or transfer an employee; etc. Another prominent aspect of these proceedings which we are well versed in handling is the Contempt of Court Petitions that are filed when authorities do not comply with the orders passed in the Civil Writ Petitions.

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