October 23, 2017


Property disputes in India are increasing day by day at an alarming rate. Our property lawyers handle disputes related to illegal possession of property , ownership dispute cases, rent matters, landlord tenant disputes etc. Our property lawyers are experienced in handling cases of Non Resident Indians who are settled in abroad or domestic clients who have property in India.

Major property dispute litigation areas are :

  • Illegal possession of property
  • Issues regarding title of the property, and Rental disputes
  • Contractual disputes :

    Disputes between 2 parties who entered into an agreement or signed a contract for use, sale, transfer, development, etc. of a property

  • Disputes with cooperative socities:

    Any dispute between an owner or a group of owners of a flat in a cooperative society and the management of the cooperative society relating to mismanagement, lack of facilities, not giving due recognition to rights, etc.

  • Disputes between buyers and developers:

    Allegations by buyers of property relating to fraud, misrepresentation, false promises, non-delivery of goods/ property, not transferring the title, non-compliance of terms and conditions etc. on part of the builders

  • Disputes between borrowers and banks:

    Disputes relating to situations where the property is mortgaged with the bank like amount claimed from the guarantor/debtor, disposal of property by bank, etc.

  • Disputes between developer/builder and local governmental bodies:

    Local bodies trying to cease the developer’s work on the ground that he is not complying with terms and conditions agreed to at the time of approval or denial of necessary permissions without due reason.

  • Land use disputes:

    Disputes may arise between an individual and local bodies if an individual decides to use a property for a purpose or manner that is in violation of any laws.

  • Execution suit:  In case a prospective seller declines to go ahead with his agreement of sale and such other disputes require the  filing of an execution suit wherein if Court finds unreasonable cause, dircts the seller to go ahead with the sale.
  • Declaration Suit:

    This suit is filed in those cases where a title to a property maybe defective or illegally obtained or questionable.

  • Injunction disputes:

    In case a trespasser occupies a property, the rightful owner can file a suit for permanent injunction.

  • Partition suits:

    Such suits prevent the illegal occupants from occupying or interfering with the possession of the rightful owner.

  • Money suits:

    Such suits are filed in cases where immovable property is kept as collateral security or mortgaged to obtain a loan.

It is no doubt easy for a person to figure out what suit or what dispute is his, it is relatable in general however specifically the disputes may fall under a certain act out of the many applicable to it and this is where it gets complicated, for example Disputes relating to illegal possession of property can be covered under various acts like Transfer of Property Act, Hindu Succession Act, Indian Succession Act, Rent laws, and many more but to know which law is applicable to your case is tricky.

This is where our experience and expertise comes in handy. We specialize in this field and understand the intricacies and legal jargon involved and ultimately figure out the correct law under which the dispute falls and the case can be contested.



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