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Cheque bounce and recovery matters

follow Cheque dishonour is a criminal offence and is punishable with imprisonment upto 2 years or with fine  or with both.  In case of cheque dishonour the payee  has to send a legal notice to the drawer within 30 days  from the date of receiving of ‘Cheque Return Memo’  from the bank . It should be mentioned in the legal notice that the cheque amount has to be paid within 15 days and if the drawer fails to make the fresh payment then the payee has a right to file a a complaint under section 138 of the Negotiable instruments Act

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Mutual Divorce & domestic violence Family disputes by its very nature cannot every time be solved by litigation approach. We manage family disputes and if possible try to solve it through mediation. Our Divorce lawyers in Chandigarh provide customized legal solutions according to the need of the client to resolve family law issues. We assist clients on following matters: • Demand of dowry under section 498A • Divorce by mutual consent • Child custody • Divorce under section 13 of HMA • Domestic violence • Alimony under section 125 of CRPC.

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Criminal Law

opcje binarne minimalna wp_ata We have the Best Criminal lawyers in Chandigarh High Court who are well equipped to handle all types of criminal charges . Our advocates are concerned with protecting your rights and have the resources and tenacity to help secure the most preferable outcomes possible. If you are facing charges for any criminal offense we can take your case, fight for your rights, and protect you against injustice . Our Associates assist people with full devotion and dedication and try to get speedily justice for them . Criminal Litigation includes Frauds , Cheque dishonour and quashing of FIR etc

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Income Tax Returns & Scruitiny Cases

forex valutaomvandlare lira Why Filing income tax return is important : 1. Income Tax Return filling is a confirmation of the pay earned by an individual 2. If you do not show your income in the income tax return then all the income earned by you becomes Black money. 3. Filing returns is exceptionally compulsory for applying a VISA 4. If you want to take loan from the bank . Contact our lawyers in panchkula today for filing your ITR.

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Civil Matters

click here Divorce , Service matters , Wills , Tax laws etc all come under the preview of civil law . Under Civil Law generally case is registered by a private party . Our Civil lawyers in Chandigarh represent Corporate firms as well as individual clients with respect to their civil litigation matters. Our main aim is to try to solve the dispute as early as possible .

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Deeds And documents

click here A Legal will is generally made so as to avoid any problems to family members by dying intestate. Not only can a will legally protect your spouse, children, it can also spell out exactly how you would like things handled after you have passed on. A will needs to be signed by 2 individual witnesses and registered. Will involves alot of legal points and our lawyers in mohali, panchkula will take care about everything to avoid problems in future.

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Trademark , Patent and Copyright

go to link If you have given your house on rent and the tenant is not vacating the house then you have police and law with you . But what if someone else uses your intellectual property ? In the absense of any intellectual rights you will not be able to get any legal relief. Our IPR lawyers in panchkula will assist you in getting your trademark/copyright registered and will get all the legal formalities done for you.

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Property Disputes , Claims & rent petitions Our property dispute lawyers in Chandigarh handle property disputes, rent matters, tenant & landlord related disputes and rent matters . Our advocates have assisted various real estate builders and brokers also . Major litigation areas are Rent disputes , Land acquisition cases , Partition of ancestral property disputes etc . Our best property dispute lawyers in panchkula , mohali Punjab and Haryana aim at getting speedy remedies for our clients

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Hotel Licensing

autoopzioni binario A number of licences and permissions are required before starting a hotel in chandigarh . Normally licences are granted for a period for one year and are renewed anually . Getting all the licences is a very difficult task but our lawyers in mohali can make this task easy for you by assisting you on each and every step. The licence requirements depend on the star rating of the hotel and the location and type of hotel . Some of the licences are -Building permit , Fire safety permit , Trade licence , ESI registration , PF registration , Liquor licence , FSSAI licence ,GST Registration etc

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Medical Negligence

When your dear ones are injured, sick or need any medical treatment then you do blind trust on doctors and it is their duty to treat patients with utmost care but sometimes due to the negligence of the doctor medical accidents happen and in that scenario no one can compensate the loss a person has suffered but our lawyers in mohali can get you a reasonable compensation which will help the patient to have a sign of relief and will help him to meet his daily needs for the recovery period.

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fssai food licensing

Most of the restaurents avoid to take food  licence (FSSAI) to save money but to avoid fines and repercussions later on  one should get its FSSAI license with other licences before officially opening a food outlet . Incase a customer takes a legal action against the restaurent for adulteration or food poisoning then the FSSAI license provides a cushion for restaurants in such cases .However if there is a fault on your part or any deficiency in service then even the food licence cannot protect you from legal actions and at the same time Fssai may cancel your food licence

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Court Marriage in Chandigarh

For court marriage registration in chandigarh the basic essential requirement is that bride should be of atleast 18 years and groom of 21 years. Either of the spouce should be a resident of chandigarh or the marriage should have been solemnized in Chandigarh. Why choose us ? Our court marriage registration in chandigarh lawyers will help you in completing all the legal documents and will assist you on each step. Notice of 1 month is compulsory in court marriage.